PC analysis software comparison


FLIR Tools

Analyze thermal image and Full radiation thermal videos

Automatically trigger or stop record/ save thermal data

Measurement tools and partial emissivity set

Picture in Picture, 3D graph, Temp plot, histogram..

Record full radiometric video


Many methods (IO/Modbus) to automatically trigger the thermal data


Export the temp/timeline plot in Max/Min spot


single thermal images splicing into a full radiation thermal video


Temperature difference mode, T-rise


Fotric AnalzyIR Software Highlighted Features

  • Support unlimited numbers (in thermal pixels) of measurement tools
  • Two measurement tools difference.
  • Auto temperature difference calculation of 3 phase electric device
  • Set emissivity for any measurement point or area
  • Temperature correction
  • 90 degree or 180 degree rotation of thermal image
  • 15 palettes and 15 inverted palettes
  • 3 color isotherms alarm
  • 7 methods to auto trigger record thermal videos
  • Analyze full radiation videos
  • play, cut or split the images or videos.
  • 3D graph, Temp plot, histogram..
  • Customized report templates
  • One click to generate 400 images/pages professional report