Fotric 220 Series thermal imaging cameras are innovative 3-IN-ONE infrared imagers with smartphones. Fotric 220 offer tier one performance and smart features but at a surprisingly affordable price. More pixels for less. Save cost for your business.

TestHeat introduced the Fotric 220 Series Professional Thermal Imaging Cameras. The new Fotric 225, 226, 227 and 228 thermal cameras are innovative 3 uses for 1 product with state-of-the-art infrared technology, high resolution, 30Hz refresh rate, outstanding features, radiometric video and image recording, 10+ battery use time, cost-effective infrared lenses, and surprisingly cost-effective. Visit for more details!
Fotric 220 handheld thermal camera
- Fotric 220 series thermal cameras can be used as traditional compact and user-friendly handheld thermal imagers for the inspection of mechanical and electrical overheating, air leaks, moisture ingress, commercial roof, energy audit, missing insulation, and lots of other temperature related surveys. Up to 640x480 pixel resolution is available. Fotric 220 use any state of art Android smartphone as the large HD touchscreen display and process the infrared imaging data with smartphone's superior powerful CPU/RAM. The easy to use LinkIR APP offers instant analysis of thermal images and videos on the camera itself. Different emissivity for up to 12 box areas, 12 spots, and 3 lines can be set for the various material condition. Over 10 hours' battery time is good for a one-day job without worrying about the charging. Other smart features include picture-in-picture (PIP), 15 color palettes with instant previews, easily sharing the infrared image with the clients, colleagues or social media, voice/text annotation note input with smartphone's input keyboard, smart dynamic span with a user-defined region, etc. You can also record radiometric video clips on the camera with up to 5 fps and up to 1,000 frames, or time laps radiometric video recording.
Fotric 220 benchtop test thermal imaging camera
- Fotric 220 series thermal cameras can be used as R&D, science and laboratory test instrument. With the 360-degree test bench, you can use it as a benchtop thermal imaging solution for the electronics testing, and thermal characteristics analysis of electronic components, PCBs (printed circuit boards) and other electronics with high accuracy. The adjustable focus lens with high aperture f/1.0, adjustable hands-free bench stand and large HD touchscreen display offer superior non-contact thermal imaging testing for both large and small electronic components in the entire PCB electronics design, development, diagnosis, production and quality control process. With over 76,000 temperature measurement points, Fotric 220 can quickly identify hot spots, monitor power consumption, and detect potential failure components during the development process. The high accuracy and small temperature difference visualization capabilities help evaluate and troubleshoot problems easily for various electronic products.
Fotric 220 continuous online thermal imaging camera
- Fotric 220 series thermal cameras can be used as online thermal cameras. When connected to a Windows PC, with the complementary software Fotric AnalyzIR, you can continuously record up to 1TB single non-stop single radiometric video. You can monitor the temperature of every pixel, perform real-time temperature analysis, adjust emissivity for any region of interest, set up various recording trigger, define audio temperature alarm, etc. One example is Fotric 225 can continuously record radiometric video at 1 frame per second for about 84 days with a 320x240 infrared resolution. Suitable for long time temperature monitoring, material aging test, and fatigue testing, etc.

Fotric AnalyzIR software is complementary with Fotric 220 thermal cameras for in-depth analysis of the radiometric images and videos. R&D researchers and professionals may extract the real-time temperature plot from the radiometric video stream and generate 3D visualization of temperature distribution to clearly show the hot-spots and subtle temperature changes. Radiometric data can be automatically stored or triggered by temperature, time or other external signals. Threshold alarms are available together with the automatic capture of high, low, and average or user-defined temperature for each region of interest. A single non-stop radiometric video of up to 1TB can be recorded with the software and can be opened within a few seconds to start the temperature analysis.

Fotric 220 Series Cameras are available now from TestHeat, Fotric's authorized North American distributor.

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