In the era of COVID-19, many businesses have suffered due to lockdown, and new strategies have been developed to ease lockdown and make public places such as offices, schools, parks, and factories safe again before reopening. When talking about such solutions, Fotric 226B infrared thermal camera scan technology should be given foremost importance. This is a non-stop group temperature screening camera that is just right to make your workplace safe again.

The demand for infrared thermal camera scans has increased markedly since the decision to reopen factories, businesses, or restaurants have been taken, and Fotric 226B non-stop group temperature screening camera is the most affordable and effective solution to this problem. As manufacturers are planning to make up for the lost time, there is a rising concern for workers’ safety.  Even if SOPs are religiously followed, the best way to protect everyone is to make sure the infected individuals take proper precautions and isolate at home.

Scientific studies suggest that when used correctly, this infrared thermal camera scan technology can accurately measure skin temperature using non-stop group temperature screening camera technology. These thermal scanning cameras are easy to install and easy to use, which means no heavy or difficult equipment is needed to set-up the system and get it running within minutes. Nova test equipment is a well-developed company that offers a wide variety of such infrared thermal camera scan devices. The manufacturer’s instructions manual should be followed when setting up the scanners to make sure they work properly and effectively.

This infrared thermal camera scan technology has been shown to accurately measure the skin temperature of a person. The most profound benefit of these infrared thermal camera scanners is that they can be used without being physically close to the person being evaluated. This gives it an advantage over other methods that demand proximity to record temperatures such as oral thermometers or non-contact infrared thermometers. The person monitoring them could be seated in a different room. This further ensures that the person monitoring can do so from a safe distance and stay protected.  The Best practice is indoor use with a detection distance of 3 ft. to 10 ft. 1-3 lines for a high efficient scan. 

The infrared thermal camera scan technology of Fotric 226B may even measure skin temperature much quicker than your typical oral or forehead thermometers. This allows less hassle and more efficiency in their work, and factories or businesses can run efficiently and continue production without interruptions due to Covid-19. You can just install them at the entrance routes of factories and school or hotel lobbies and airports. The Fotric 226B infrared thermal camera scan technology carries out a non-stop group or individual temperature screening for elevated temperature efficiently (can scan 40 people in one minute), which saves time. No specialized training is required to operate this equipment as once installed and set-up, it is ready to detect and operate automatically.

The Fotric 226B uses infrared thermal camera scan technology for producing heat pictures. This allows mapping the heat by targeting certain areas of the face and recording the temperature to get the closest most appropriate temperature reading. The scanners do not measure the body heat; they only measure the skin’s temperature. The process is quick and done within seconds, making the infrared thermal camera scan technology extremely useful for non-stop group temperature screening efficiently. These devices are quite sensitive and can easily pick up slight temperature differences.

The Fotric 226B infrared thermal camera scan equipment also has built-in visual or audio alarms that are set to go off when a certain temperature limit is crossed. They also come with options to save snapshot images to drive. Any person with a fever can be detected from a distance and stopped before entering the premises. They can then be referred for further screening by other temperature testing equipment such as an oral thermometer and evaluated by a medical professional. The Fotric 226B thermal scanners are not medical devices and cannot be used as diagnostic tools. They can’t definitively determine whether someone has the virus or any other diseases; they can only detect the rise in temperature, which is a common symptom of Covid-19. A diagnostic test is mandatory to perform after screening to determine if someone has Covid-19.

These infrared thermal camera scan devices come as both fixed-position scanners and hand-held devices. Their screening mode gives the advantage of collecting the data of sample skin temperatures, and an average could be devised from this data.

Besides skin temperature detection, the Fotric infrared thermal camera scan devices are also equipped with built-in AI facial detection, deep learning, and self-calibration technology to adapt to environmental changes such as heat from a sunny afternoon without manual intervention. The built-in facial detection module makes it a non-stop group temperature screening camera by automatically locking individual faces for temperature measurement while shielding the other high-temperature sources such as coffee cups intelligently and efficiently to avoid causing false alarms. The Fotric 226B also has a privacy working mode to protect digital imaging privacy.

It has a 30Hz frame rate detector with 384x288 resolution (FDA/IEC 80601-2-59:2017 standard requires minimum 320x240 image pixels). It meets the FDA guidelines when paired with a blackbody and is NDAA compliant. As Per the FDA guidelines released in April 2020, Fotric 226B meets the accuracy specification of ±0.5°C, the temperature stability of ±0.2°C with the optional accurate blackbody temperature reference source and can perform group and single person screening.

The use of these scanners ensures the safety of the people entering the building. This, in turn, reassures the people about the safety standards of their offices, schools, and other public places. Traveling in an airline that maintains such safety standards is reassuring and will give passengers anxiety-free travel experience.

The efficient and rapid abnormal temperature screening of Fotric 226B, it’s non-stop group temperature screening, audio alarm and visual red box indicator alarm, high resolution, 24-hour monitoring capability, and non-contact measurement of temperature makes it the ideal infrared thermal camera scan device for your organization.

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