An important function of a thermal imager such as the Fotric thermal camera is to check the working state of the various units, parts, and compartments in the motor control center. It achieves this by directly comparing the different temperatures of the parts under load. Furthermore, detection of overheating which is usually attributed to the vast array of electrical connectors is very much possible. Major causes of the electrical connectors overheating are a bad contact, too much pressure, aging and any other problem associated with electricity production.

 03 Plant Power Distribution Inspection with Fotric Thermal Camera


It is interesting to note that an increment for the use of the Fotric thermal imaging camera in the Power industry is highly commendable. Overtime as the distribution and the substations’ usage increases, the tendency for the system to fail increases so will the system load due to both external and internal damage. As a result of the various oxidative processes that would be ongoing in the Power system and the fact that some of the electric switch contacts of parts, the cables, the busbar joint may not be as compact and jointly fitted as they were original, there is a guaranteed external failure of these parts. One great way of detecting this major external failure is that the dissipation of heat usually accompanies the great contact resistance.  The surface temperature of the external surface that has become overheated can then be measured.

In the same vein, an internal failure is exhibited when an increment of the medium loss and failure for the electrical circuit to connect happens. Over time, there will be what we call aging of the equipment installation. This is characterized by low dissipation of heat on the external surface which sometimes can be tedious to locate as it is usually out of sight. The direct focus of this write-up is to state the indispensability of the Fotric thermal imaging camera in Power companies. It is established that the device can be used to detect changes in the various power transmission equipment, also used as a preventive device, management of the property. Technicians involved with the maintenance of the various components will find the device very useful. For instance, this practical analysis of a Japanese paint plant. This company which is the biggest of its kind in that region has in China four established plants. The total land mass occupied by both is 70,000 m2. This big land mass houses several large-scale factories’ buildings alongside an R&D building and two offices. Repairs and maintenance of the Power distribution system are carried out by the Infrastructure department.

01 Japanese paint plant in Shanghai

Huge economic losses can occur due to an unexpected outage of power which in turn disrupts both the quality and the production. Statutorily, a yearly key performance index, KPI, examination by the unit is conducted in the event that an equipment malfunction unexpectedly thereby necessitating the need to locate the failures that might be out of sight. This can only be achieved by engaging use of the Fotric infrared thermal camera.

02 Factory Power Distribution and Motor


At present, there are some other alternative techniques that may be employed but these options definitely have some obvious limitations. The major device used in measuring temperature is the infrared thermometer. Even though it is credited for ease of use, nevertheless, it still has its own limitation which is summarized as this: single-point measurement of temperature. Not only that, owing to the limitation of human personnel, the infrared thermometer is unsuitable for use in large management of equipment rather it is adaptable for use only for sample testing. The measured temperature data can’t be recorded altogether as the manual recording by human personnel will be time-consuming. Consequently, the information as regards the working state of the various devices cannot be gathered and probable solutions cannot be offered let alone being undertaken.


The following are the invaluable features of a Fotric thermal camera:

  • Remote Operation- The device can be used remotely by the technician in detecting faults or problems. Afterward, the technicians proceed to forward the images captured by the Fotric thermal camera to the engineer through the use of the internet or a smartphone at the terminal of the thermal imager. This ultimately enhances the functionality of the operations.
  • Automatic thermal imaging captioning: Every equipment in the factory has what we call the equipment code. The Fotric thermal camera can give a caption to the thermal image obtained automatically only if the equipment code was set as a QR code. This process eliminates penning down the equipment number and the number of the thermal image produced.
  • There is an advanced optional provision of storage of data in the cloud. The data obtained can better be managed and the efficiency of thermal evaluation is improved.
  • Great efficiency of the operation is guaranteed: the Fotric thermal camera utilizes surface temperature measurement imaging technology. On top of that, it can also generate the temperature readings for the whole equipment. This is done with so much precision and accuracy.

04 Plant Motor Maintenance Inspection with Fotric Thermal Camera


The FOTRIC 220 series infrared thermal imaging camera which is configured with L91 ultra-wide angle lens and 30 units of Fotric 443 IR windows used in the reconstruction of the electrical cabinet of plant distribution rooms.


The Fotric thermal imaging camera finds a direct application in the following

  • the testing/inspection service companies/establishments,
  • Property management and logistics units of various government departments, Universities, colleges, the shopping malls, ports, buildings, and the likes.
  • The device can also be used in the maintenance group of manufacturing factories for ensuring the longevity of their equipment.
  • Testing/inspection service company


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