FOTRIC 225, as the entry-level professional grade thermal imaging camera of FOTRIC 220 series, has 320 x 240 (76,800 pixels) detector resolution, the most practical infrared thermal camera resolution, and a standard lens (24°) with the minimum detection distance of 0.15m (5.91inch). 1,000 frames of radiometric thermal video recording directly on the smartphone.

1. One Camera, Multiple Uses. Handheld thermal camera; fixed mounted on a test bench or tripod.

2. Professional Thermal Camera Specs. Resolution 320x240 IR pixels, High accuracy ±2°C or ±2%, NETD <0.06°C, Wide temperature range -4°F~1,202°F, Emissivity set for each ROI, 8 boxes, 8 spots, and 1 line

3. Large 5.5inch Full HD TouchScreen Display with 1280x720 pixels, 13M visible camera. Check details easier with clearer image compared to the cameras with a built-in screen. Take HD visible light photos when needed.

4. Adjustable Focus Lens. You can always get a focused radiometric thermal image. Highly cost effective optional telephoto lens, wide-angle lens and super wide-angle lens are available.

5. 15 Color Pallets with Instant Preview. Pick up the best pallet without guessing of the pallet names.

6. Radiometric Thermal Video recording directly on the thermal camera. Up to 1,000 frames and up to 5Hz on the smartphone. Monitor and capture sudden failure, or record interesting moment.

7. 10+ Hours Battery Use Time. Work for one day without charging.

8. Share Infrared Thermal Image Instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.

9. Free professional analysis and report software and Free Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy J7)

#Fotric225 is one of the best 320x240 professional-grade infrared thermal cameras among #Flir #E60 #E75 #T420 #T530 #Fluke #Ti300 #Tix500 #but with unique innovative features. More features for less cost!