FOTRIC Thermal Camera

This page collects all the necessary information needed to get started to use Fotric thermal cameras. The models or series included are Fotric 120 series, Fotric 220 series, Fotric 320 series.

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User-friendly smartphone based operation APP. Designed for Fotric 220 series thermal imaging cameras. Support models are,

  • Fotric 222s thermal camera
  • Fotric 225 thermal camera
  • Fotric 226 thermal camera
  • Fotric 227 thermal camera
  • Fotric 228 thermal camera
  • Fotric 325 thermal camera, when used with a smartphone
  • Fotric 326 thermal camera, when used with a smartphone

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FOTRIC AnalyzIR Software

Powerful Fotric radiometric thermal image analysis and radiometric video recording software with features comparable to Flir ResearchIR but FREE to customers. Up to 1TB single radiometric video recording, non-stop for up to months/weeks/days/hours with the different recording frame rate.