The use of gadgets is subject to wear and tear and usually warning signs are given before the final showdown. High dissipation of heat in very short time intervals usually occur in the use of high voltage and heavy current gadgets prior to their malfunctioning relative to the heat being produced when they are in good condition. In the event that temperature recordings of all the parts of the device are obtained with the use of the Fotric thermal camera, then we can rest assured that a disastrous event would be prevented and properly managed. As a result, it is expedient for the power transmission equipment base station to be properly armed with the Fotric thermal camera so as to proffer a timely solution and avert untold losses.

Infrared Thermal Image - Oil level of the oil reservoir

app02_02 Oil level of oil reservoir


Owing to the fact that equipment and infrastructures of power supply establishments are prone to aging, there is, therefore, tendencies for there to be a power outage and not leaving out the possibility of increment in low voltage production. The interpretation of a constant low voltage being that there will be a corresponding drop in the electric power supplied which in turn lead to poor illumination of lamps. In addition, there is a huge risk of the unexpected cost of maintenance and other associated costs that the Power supply establishments face.

Infrared Thermal Image - Capacitor

app02_07 Capacitor

A typical transformer station consists of the following: Transformer, the mutual indicator, an Isolator switch, a circuit breaker which is very expedient, the lightning arrester, capacitor, an insulator, a rectifier, a cable clamp, resistor, and the list goes on. Now the Fotric thermal camera plays an important role in inspecting and diagnosing faults. The adoption of thermal imaging technology is very crucial in the inspection of the systems, detection of faults in the gadgets offers safety and much more. Other qualities embedded in the use of a thermal camera such as the Fotric thermal camera is that it offers detection even for lengthy distance, great accuracy, and precision, fast and captures very sharp thermal images. Also, detecting equipment has never been this quick and sharp. The use of the Fotric thermal camera in detecting and diagnosing technical faults is very fast and records the faults immediately just as it is happening thereby eliminating the previous and tedious process of having to shut down or disassemble various components. The exact location of the problem is reached and then the Fotric thermal camera analyses the situation and also records measurements. As a result of the timely intervention of the thermal imager, accidents that could occur will otherwise be prevented. Overheating of the power supply equipment and high temperature could lead to considerable and even very high losses.

Infrared Thermal Image - Transformer casing

app02_03 Transformer casing


The use of the Fotric camera comes very handily when the high voltage electrical equipment connector and the internal diversion circuit connection need to be inspected. Likewise, in the case of bad contact between the isolation switch blade and wafer not leaving out inspection for the connection between the rotating cap and the ball head. Detecting heat in the Cable clamp, detecting changes in the cable connector. Useful also in analyzing bad contact of the center contact which is crucial in the different high-voltage switch.

Infrared Thermal Image - Transformer box cabinet

app02_04 Transformer box cabinet


  • The Fotric thermal camera possesses alarms that are loud enough and can detect changes in temperature.
  • The device captures images which in turn can be used in analysis with lines and boxes being added.
  • Data can be recorded in real-time since the Fotric thermal camera is capable of obtaining fast information. Those reports can be produced with the corresponding thermal images inserted and sent to the cloud for storage and utilization by the technicians involved.
  • For advanced and accurate functions, Fotric thermal camera adds 8 spots, 8 boxes and also 1 line on the thermal image produced and ensures that the exact locations are gotten at the same time.

Infrared Thermal Image - Current transformer

app02_05 CT current transformer


The Fotric thermal camera finds its application in the following:

  • Transformer casing- One major way of knowing if an abnormality has occurred in the transformer is to check the heating and the oxidative process at the connection end of the casing. The underlying cause of these could be starvation of the casing oil, the conducting circuit connectors could have lost contact with one another, another challenge might be due to increased medium loss.
  • The CT current transformer – It is important to note that internal aging could as well result in damage and also partial discharge.
  • The Oil level of Oil reservoir – The oil level of the oil reservoir performs a very key function. It is used to determine if an abnormality is present in the transformer under inspection. This could either be due to a failure in the opening of the valve, oil shortage in oil reservoir or accumulation of pseudo oil and water in the oil reservoir.
  • Can also be used in Lightning arrester in detecting complicated faults and to also detect if the internal insulation leaks out oil.
  • Capacitor - Used to identify if there is bad contact of the electric fuse and also to detect media or data loss of the capacitor.
  • PT Voltage potential transformer – Aging of the internal parts can lead to damage and also oil leakage could create faults. All these can be known with the use of the Fotric thermal camera.

Infrared Thermal Image - Voltage potential transformer

app02_06 PT voltage potential transformer

Infrared Thermal Image - Lightning arrester

app02_08 Lightning arrester


Fotric 220 series infrared thermal imaging camera which is equipped with a telephoto lens and wide angle can be used for these functions.


The Fotric thermal camera is a great device that has golden functions. The device can be used in Hydropower plant, Thermal power plant. Also finds application in the power transformation of the Petrochemical, Coal and Railway industries. It can also be used in booster stations alongside the Transformer substation.

  • Power grid, Transformer substation, booster station, and transmission work area
  • Power transformation in petrochemical, railway, coal enterprises and so forth.
  • Power plants such as thermal power, hydropower, and other power plants


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