The thermal imaging has become renowned as a for preventive and diagnostic maintenance in all residential, commercial and industrial applications. So to reduce the risk of minimization of related impacts on profits and reduce downtime of equipment the technology enables us to carry out proper maintenance. Nowadays the latest technology is daily adding up comforts to daily human life. In busy routines of life modern technology has worked in every aspect to ensures a calm and peaceful life for people.

In particular, for HVAC industry thermal imaging with low cost and simple use make an ideal tool for the current generation to host other application just as these mechanical and electrical applications. Thermal imaging cameras are now used to identify some problems readily such as discontinuities in pipe routines in underflow system,  poor circulation in radiators, the poor performance of electrical and mechanical units, incorrect air flow distribution, temperature disruption in frozen or chilled cabinets and leaking pipes.


One of the critical sensing technologies to be applied in production equipment and monitoring and detection of manufacturing is infrared thermography. Being driven initially by military applications this technology was although expensive, but over the last few years ago this technology has improved a far beyond and now introduced professional and high volume commercial applications by innovative businesses and companies. This step has lowered the price down to that place where there is a host of new applications starting up.


Thermal imagers conclude the infrared energy given out by remote surfaces, and there is no physical contact is necessary and very comfortable to operate consequently. Thermographers are employed by many facilities for 6 to 12 months as these inspections when required by maintenance staff are very easy to carry out due to the cost of equipment and ease of use. There is approximately a need to cost about 40,000 USD to 45,000 USD for thermal imagers such as there is a comprehensive range that starts from 25,000 USD which is less than single survey cost from a thermographer in one of the innovative company WAHL.


There should be an installation of HVAC equipment to ensure an acceptable and healthy environment concerning humidity, ventilation levels, and temperature. It is not essential only for the health of buildings and to control energy expenditure but also comfort and health of occupant. To control the energy costs governments around the globe are still focusing on the aspects of more and more useful as its cost is gradually and continuously increasing.

A significant role in energy surveys and audits is played by surface temperature as it can rationalize the overall condition of building and plumbing, mechanical, electrical systems and HVAC. Thermal imaging cameras can detect and document all the issues such as moisture accumulation, air leakage, structural features behind the walls and air leakage. HVAC is now growing as a norm in many establishments where plans and strategies are developed and improvised to all the aspects of the systems. This process is leading from the front and the establishment of preventive maintenance regimes creation.


For a couple of years beneficence in instrumental and mechanical technology and need to enhance operational efficiency and lessen operational expenses has proven as one of the great programs of industry abandoning traditional routine in benefit of inspecting conditions and maintenance of strategies predicted. Regular or equipment failures can drive proper support, but more often there should be routine maintenance of about 6 to 12 months. Little effort is improvised to track historical maintenance data and monitor equipment performance. So some results can be received by extending the useful life for equipment, reducing the overall lifecycle costs and minimizing the equipment downtime. It is due to some errors due to either the affordability and unavailability of that necessary documentation and instrumentations   

The proper and most appropriate instruments such as vibration analyzers or infrared temperature monitors are now going amazingly in the market. When there is a need to check a condition of critical equipment handheld equipment are used in this regard as its versions based upon microprocessor are widely used all around to ensures continuous condition monitoring. Trend analyzation process is more vital and crucial in this regard for absolute spot temperature measurement

The organizations employing these kinds of plans and strategies are already reporting a dramatic decrease in expenses and operational downtime as the results are going in such a way to improve quality, increased returns on investment and predicting increased capacity.

With the usage of thermal imaging camera for HVAC maintenance, you can reduce your downtime costs and energy. You can also record the data and information and share it with other innovative companies.

Benefits of the thermal image camera

Monitoring and analyzing using a thermal imaging camera is noninvasive means of inspecting and diagnosing the condition of buildings. Fotirc thermal camera that comprises of temperature data delivers crucial data to all the building experts about moisture ingress, electrical faults, insulation conditions and mold development, conditions of HVAC systems and presence of thermal bridges.

That’s why monitoring HVAC enables the specialist's camera to use a sixth sense to inspect and search it correctly. It can identify the issues very early and document entirely it and allow all the corrections to be done in no time otherwise it would become more costly to repair and become a serious issue.

HVAC systems need to be set up and well maintained to deliver the air at the correct temperature and humidity and to filter any pollutants from indoor. Thermal imaging camera helps us to know that HVAC systems are going correctly. When there is a disruption in their working principle, they can get poor indoor air quality and pollution.

Benefits of HVAC Systems in Hospitals

In hospitals, it is of critical importance to ensure hygiene, comfort and climate control for personal or patients. Therefore fotric thermal imaging camera is acquired by the technical staff in hospitals to monitor the HVAC systems throughout. It is an ideal tool for HVAC as it can help us in resolving electrical maintenance inspections and building insulation inspections.

The camera ensures the right data and information, and concerning maintenance of HVAC systems, it allows us to make decisions and to resolve all kinds of issues related to the building. The air temperature coming from the ventilation ducts should be 18 degree Celsius, but air temperature within the hospital has to be around 22 degree Celsius. For the automated HVAC systems used there are thermometers in several parts of the building to provide the feedback. Fotric thermal imaging camera specifies information more deeply about the temperature distribution and airflows in the room.

There are some hospital rooms which need a detailed inspection such as an operation room where the temperature is ambient for different kinds of information. So to prevent the contamination with airborne pathogens, it is evident that there should be a close control of air circulation. That’s why there are close monitor and regular checkup for HVAC systems. 

There will sometimes be disruptions in HVAC working systems, and the faults of the two technicians result in block ventilation ducts as the HVAC systems are acting as clogged radiators. There are also so many other works we can do it from this camera such as monitoring mechanical components in ventilation systems and fuse cabinets for faults inspecting that heating the shunt group cools the warm water at the appropriate temperature and back up the batteries in the server room.


.These sort of systems usually develops, markets, designs, manufactures and ultimate deliver the technology that boosts awareness and perception. It brings the innovative sensation of solving the issues into daily life through Fotric thermal cameras, locator systems, visible light imaging systems, advanced threat detection system and measurement and diagnostic systems. Its products and services improve the area as the people interact with the world around enhance public safety, increase in entertained and healthy communities and enhancement of energy efficiency. A company was founded in 1978 as an original provided infrared imaging systems that are installed in your vehicles of every kind to improvise them in conducting energy audits. Its components and advanced methods are widely used in a variety of situational awareness, social security applications, and thermal images.

There are distributors available for the delivery of products in many countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain. Oman, Kuwait. Qatar, Bahrain  

  So here we have discussed a detail note about thermal imaging camera for HVAC. So it has benefited us in fundamental aspects to diagnose more significant issues related to building management and control all around. Proper management and overall look after will lead the experts to work for its betterment in any particular manner to finish it on a high. In recent past years, the use of a thermal imaging camera is increasing day by day effectiveness and mechanical operations. Its presence is beneficial for the proper checking of HVAC systems. So its benefits are providing every comfort to our life.


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