Key Parameters comparison table


FLIR E76 24° Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera with 24° Lens, 320 x 240




Fotric 346A thermal camera

Flir E76 thermal camera

Fotric advantages

Customer benefits

Price $3,499 $6,999 Less cost Cost saving

Infrared detector Resolution

384 x 288

320 × 240

↑44% more pixels, Higher accuracy

More precise measurement; More clear image details

Super resolution/Ultra max

768 x 576

640 x 480

↑44% more pixels, Higher accuracy

More precise measurement; More clear image details

IFOV with standard Lens

1.14 mrad

1.31 mrad

↑0.17 mrd smaller

Smaller IFOV, can measure smaller components, or save measurement time. or can measure from longer distance, save walking time..

NTED (Sensitivity)


• <0.03 K, 42° @ +30°C (+86°F)
• <0.04 K, 24° @ +30°C (+86°F)
• <0.05 K, 14° @ +30°C (+86°F)

Same@standard lens

↓ at Wide-angle lens

Higher Accuracy, means more thermal details

Temp measurement range

-20 ~ +1200℃

-20 ~ +650℃

↑Wider measurement range



+/-2°C or 2%

+/-2°C or 2%

Industry Standard


On-screen ROI measurement tools

8 Points、8 rectangle or circle、8 lines

3 points、1 boxes、1 line

↑19 ROIs more

More measurement tools, suitable for more complicate scene.

Measurement tools preset


Preset two templates

↓ No preset function

Preset template can help customer to save time for repeated measurements

Digital Zoom

1~ 8X


2 times bigger


Intelligent Autofocus





Partial Emissivity





Analyze Image and Videos


Support, but Less functions

More functions

More functions in analyze the videos.

Video Recording

Full Radiation and MP4

Full Radiation and MPEG



Time lapse



More functions


ROI’s Temp difference

and ROI’s T-rise





On-screen Temp rise




All object’s temp rise

Measurement tools

(with Autofocus)

Distance, Areas, Length

Distance, Areas

Add Length

Length ,Such as hot bridge or color isotherm.

AI programmable Key

Yes, AI button.

Yes, P button.

Similar. Flir’s can access to sub-menu functions.


Screen Display

5 inches, 1280*720

4 inches, 640 x 480

↑1 inch more,

Higher resolution

More clear image display in device, and more robust.


dynamic Palette



Help to quickly diagnose the fault in complex scene.

WiFi, Bluetooth, sim card



↓Less functions  


Auto Naming

Support QR code, Text, 

Voice, Tags

Support Text, voice, Tags

↑Add QR code


Voice Annotation

200 seconds

60 seconds

Longer time voice


Battery power life

>4 hours/Pcs, standard 3 pieces

>2.5 hours/ Pcs, standard 2 pieced

↑1.5 hours more/Pcs, one battery more.

Battery can last longer time, more field use



Fotric 346A Technical parameters


Thermal resolution384 x 288 (110,592) pixels    With Super Resolution:  768 x 576

FOV25°H × 19°V

IFOV with standard lens1.14 mrad


Temp measurement range-20℃ - +1200℃

Accuracy±2℃ or ±2%

Measurement tools8 points、8 areas、8 lines


HawkAI™ IntelligenceAI Annotation/Tag、AI programmable key

TurboFocus™ autofocusLaser meter distance, Image contrast, Continuous focus, Manual focus

MagicThermal™ thermal contrast enhanced technology

Displays touch area’s palette with enhanced multi-color scale, while other areas display gray high contrast palette. Especially suitable for quick diagnose at industrial field.

Touch scale: automatically adjust specific area’s temperature scale palette with one click touch; Also support set upper and lower limit of scale.

Professional laser meterAutomatically measure object distance. Range: 0.1m-50m;Accuracy:d*0.01%±2mm

Measurement tools functionsArea and length measurement, temperature differences

On-screen T-riseAutomatically calculate the on-screen interface, Block environmental interfere

Set partial emissivity in measurement tools

AutoNaming Scan QR code, Keyboad input, Text/voice annotation, favorite/tag filter

Geography locationSupport GPS/Beidou location, and save info in every image.

Sound alarmAlarm threshold, in measurement tools, high or low temp alarm.

Video recordingDevice Full and Non-full Radiation thermal video, connect PC to record full Radiation thermal video.

Display screen5inches, 1280*720 pixels IPS LCD touch panel

Storage card128 GB SD card

Battery lifetime:More than 4 hours


Optional Lens for Fotric 345M/346A/348A

Fotric 340 Series Optional Lens