Fotric 123 thermal camera Smartphone interface monitoring center

    One of the latest and newest innovative products by FOTRIC is a thermal camera capable of detecting early fire alarms and then sends the alarm messages to a smartphone that has been programmed and connected to the camera. This device is unrivaled as the first smart infrared camera with cloud-based storage system with unique designs capable of detecting a fire incidence which is about to occur while in early formation stage. It achieves this by detecting unusual changes in heat temperature using infrared. Fotric 123 which is adaptable to either cold or hot weather conditions can be placed either outdoors or indoors. This latest work of intelligence utilizes real-time data transmission in sending the alert warnings in a timely manner in order to prevent huge and catastrophic losses.  One of the major components of the Fotric 123 is an in-built infrared imager which measures temperature accurately and is reputed to be highly sensitive. The Fotric 123 camera is configured to transmit short infra-red in form of a video to a smartphone device which has been connected to it. Now this can only happen after settings to detect alerts have reached their limits thus making the device to serve as a unit that detects fire early.  Fotric 123 has the capacity to point out the exact spot of the fire occurring and this eventually would prevent huge losses and extensive damage to property or lives as it can easily be quenched before spreading.

     Another major feature of Fotric 123 is its ability to detect movement hence its adaptability as a surveillance IP device. However, you can be rest assured that your privacy will not be infringed upon with the use of this camera since there won’t be any transmission of visible wavelength visuals.  Fotric 123 is a cloud-based thermal camera with the alert records being intact for up to seven days. Another major feature of Fotric 123 is that it picks up the surface temperature of an item as opposed to visible light.

    Owing to the fact that the Fotric 123 derives its power from an external Alternating current (AC) adaptor, real-time warnings can be monitored with no level of interruption whatsoever. Owing to its high level of sensitivity, it is expected that even unreal alerts can be detected maybe due to surrounding light, but Fotric 123 offers much more than that, its intelligent configuration allows the device to fizzle out warnings that are not real thereby certifying Fotric 123 to be an accurate alert detector irrespective of the ambient lighting. Thermal conditions are also detected both in smoky and foggy state. This device also picks up the exact place the fire could emanate from.

    In addition to other previously mentioned features that the Fotric 123 possesses is the infra-red thermal imaging technology which is said to offer more advanced detection of movement even under low supply of light or very dim light as against visible imaging.

     Protection of lives and properties can be better guaranteed especially in this 21st Century thanks to the Fotric 123 which is built and designed to detect fire disaster prior to its occurrence.

The following highlighted features of the Fotric 123 makes it a must have:

  • The Fotric 123 is sensitive enough to detect changes that are unusual in an object relating to its temperature. What this means is that just prior to an object burning up or going up in flames, it is capable of detecting a change in the temperature of the object for quick measures to be undertaken thereby preventing the occurrence of a fire disaster.
  • After successfully detecting a change in an object’s temperature, with the sensitivity recorded to be 1°C, fire alert warnings are prompted with short infra-red videos sent to devices that have been programmed to it. This ultimately translates into the fact that only smartphone devices of those who use Fotric 123 and have downloaded the Fotric app onto their smartphone’s devices can have access to the video being sent just as it is happening, that is, at that particular point in time.
  • It achieves this by automatically sending the short thermal video to the cloud server. Remember we mentioned it is a cloud based thermal camera. Smartphones devices that already has the settings can then receive the fire alert message for safe monitoring.
  • Another good news is, many users can connect to a single Fotric 123 camera in order to aid close and prompt observation to properly manage any situation.
  • The fotric 123 is easy to carry due to the material it is made from. It is weighed at 1.3lb. Its case is made to be weather-proof come rain, come sunshine and the dimension of its compactness is (4.7" × 2.7" × 2.8").  

    In conclusion, Fotric 123 cloud based thermal camera is an essential and vital life and property saver for everyday use. This device can also be used to as a safety evacuation device. This is achieved by programming the Fotric 123 to suggest the safest escape route in the event of danger.  An innovative product worth all the accolades and applause, impending fire disasters can be averted when prompt actions are taken. Also, whatever the state of the surrounding light, the Fotric 123 is able to discover substance leakage quality. Amazingly, as part of its numerous features, the Fotric 123 has an in-built intelligent algorithm capable of sensing and eliminating fire alarms that are not real. Try to imagine if it was not capable of doing this, then it would not have qualified as a thermal camera that can be used to avert fire disasters. The outer body is made of lP66 case that weighs 1.3 pounds. After changes in the temperature of an object has been discovered, short infra-red videos are forwarded through internet connection to smartphone device that has been connected to it. It is also pertinent to know that more than one user can be connected to a single Fotric 123 camera.