What's the difference between the FOTRIC 226B AI thermal imager and SEEK Scan thermal camera?

Seek Scan vs Fotric 226B

 Key Differences

  • Infrared Resolution: 206x156 pixels
  • Frame Rate: 9 Hz
  • Screening Mode: Single person
  • AI Screening: No
  • Face Detection: Single face
  • Field of View: 35° (h) / 26° (v)
  • Scan Efficiency: Requires each person to stand still for few seconds
  • Measurement Distance: 5 feet
  • Battery Time: No battery
  • Reference Temperature: Must have a blackbody to work
  • Software: Seek 
  • Infrared Resolution: 384x288 pizels
  • Frame Rate: 30 Hz
  • Screening Mode: Multiple or single person
  • AI Screening: Yes
  • Face Detection: Multiple or single face
  • Field of View: 28° (h) / 21° (v)
  • Scan Efficiency: Non-stop
  • Measurement Distance: 3-10 feet
  • Battery Time: 10+ Hours
  • Reference Temperature: Optional use of blackbody
  • Software: Fotric WLIR


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