Instruction to update the operation software of FOTRIC 340 series thermal cameras. This is applicable to the following models.

  • Fotric 348A thermal camera
  • Fotric 347A thermal camera
  • Fotric 346A thermal camera
  • Fotric 345M thermal camera


The purpose of this document is to guide FOTRIC distributors or end-users on how to update the 340 thermal camera App.

The App update is not necessary unless regarding customized requirements or critical bugs fixed.


FOTRIC 340 Update Procedures

Step 1: Turn on the thermal imager, and check if your device app’s version.  You can find it in “Device set”- “About” – “software version.”

Please tap on the screen, tap the “software version” version number.


Step 2: Connect the Thermal imager to the computer with Type-C to USB cable, or plug the imager’s SD card and SD reader into the computer.

Step 3:  Copy the new software package(Ensure its name is falcon.udt)into the SD card’s main folder- the “update” folder. As shown below: 

If this folder does not exist, please create one.


Step 4: Tap on the thermal imager’s screen, open “system menu”-“Settings”-  “Device Set” -“About” -“ System update”


Step 5: Click “System upgrade”- “SD update”


Step 6: Click the blue color button “update” to update to the newer software version.


Step 7: After the 340device display is back to Main Menu, you can recheck the software version from the” About” – “software version”.

If the software version display is the same as the newest version, this update is successful. Now please kindly check if the 340 device is functional well after the update.