FOTRIC 616C/618C R&D Thermal Camera Test Station Quick Start Guide with Fotric AnalyzIR Software

1. Assemble the bench top

  • The horizontal beam is optional.  

Reference Video: How to assemble the FOTRIC Test Bench Workstation B3s?

2. Assemble the fixture accessories to the 616C/618C thermal camera, then attach the thermal camera to the benchtop.

    3. Download and Install Fotric AnalyzIR Software. You can also download the operation manual. 

    4. Connect Fotric 616C/618C infrared camera to the Windows computer and configure the IP address.

    • Connect the thermal camera to a power source with the power adapter

    • Connect the thermal camera to a Windows PC via the RJ45 ethernet cable

      5. Configure the IP address

      The camera's default IP is For the first time use, you may need to check or set the Server's (Computer's) Ethernet IP address to the same network segment of 192.168.1.*. Please note, this is the Ethernet card setting, not the WiFi. 

      • Network Connections -> Ethernet Properties -> TCP/IPv4 -> Assign an ip address 192.168.1.* (must be different from to avoid the ip conflict)

      6. Connect the Fotric thermal camera in AnalyzIR software

      Open AnalyzIR software and open up any IR Camera Workspaces. Put the camera's ip address under the "Ethernet+" type. Then you should be able to see the real time infrared image from the camera now. Adjust the height and rotate the lens for the best focused imaging. 

      Please adjust the distance between the camera and object for different lens. Rotate the middle ring of the lens to adjust the focus. 

      • Standard 29 deg. or 30 deg. lens works at distance of 15cm and above. 
      • 50µm macro lens works at a distance of around 5cm. 
      • 20µm macro lens works at a distance of around 2cm.

      7. Optional. Change the IP address of the camera to make it a network thermal camera.

      Download the "IPConfig" software where you can check and change the camera's IP address to the same ip segment of your network. Then you can access it in the AnalyzIR software on other computers connecting to the same network. 




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