What's the difference between the FOTRIC AnalyzIR and FLIR ResearchIR thermal image video analysis software?

Fotric AnalyzIR software 1


 Key Feature Differences

Fotric AnalyzIR, 

  • Supports the addition of temperature measuring tools for any spots, boxes, circle, and polygons;
  • Supports automatic calculation of the temperature difference between two temperature measurement areas;
  • Support automatic calculation of the phase temperature difference between three-phase power equipment;
  • Support temperature correction of any temperature measurement spot or temperature measurement area;
  • Support thermal image rotation, 90° to the left, 90° to the right, horizontal flip, vertical flip
  • Support 16 standard color palettes and the corresponding16 reverse color palettes;
  • Support 3 kinds of isotherms color alarms;
  • Support 7 kinds of automatic trigger recording radiometric video
  • Support analysis of all radiometric image and video;
  • Support the play, segment, merge of radiometric images or radiometric thermal videos;
  • Support automatic generation of temperature vs time plot, temperature difference vs time curve;
  • Support automatic calculation of temperature difference vs time between different samples, and comparison curve of temperature difference
  • Support custom report templates
  • Support one-click automatic batch generation of 400 professional reports;


 Product Specifications

  Fotric AnalyzIR Flir ResearchIR
Analyze any single thermal image Yes Yes
One-Key report generation Yes Yes
Create radiometric videos with radiometric images Yes
Record and analyze radiometric videos Yes
Plot and export temperature vs. time curve from real-time video Yes
Analyze the temperature difference between any two regions Yes
Radiometric image/video merge, temperature vs time plot, 3D plot, picture-in-picture fusion Yes
Automatically trigger/stop recording Yes

   *   Fully-radiometric short thermal video stream refers that each frame of the video stream preserves the original temperature of each pixel.

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