Infrared Thermometer

Infrared (IR) thermometers that are used for forehead temperature check from a distance are instruments designed for a specific purpose. If what we are looking for is to monitor the temperature of the staff, we must do it with equipment designed for this purpose. Here an infrared thermometer for forehead temperature check comes into play.

Infrared thermometers working principle

When used for a forehead temperature check, due to its temperature, it emits infrared radiation. There is a unique relationship between the amount of energy emitted and the temperature. Infrared thermometers are based on this principle to measure temperature. These are capable of capturing the infrared energy emitted by a body.

Advantages of infrared thermometer

- Non-contact measurement

- Quick measurement

- It allows us to have control of the temperature in an agile, easy, and safe way.

Precautions and considerations for forehead temperature check with an infrared thermometer.

- With this type of technology, we have to take into account the influence of the environment. When measuring surface temperature, if this surface reflects any element of the environment (a spotlight, sunlight, etc.), the temperature measurement will be altered. The more reflective a body is, the more important the environment becomes. In the case we are talking about, a sweaty, stained skin, etc. it can alter the temperature measurement.

- The temperature taken without contact on the forehead is not the same as that taken by conventional contact thermometers in the armpit, mouth, etc.

What we consider when using an infrared thermometer.

Once we have the measuring equipment that we need for our purpose, the first thing is to read the user manual, does anyone do it? This is very important both for the useful life of the equipment and for the confidence in the measurements that we are going to record. Here are a few points to consider:

  1. In general, all measuring equipment is designed to work under certain environmental conditions. The manual usually indicates temperature ranges and sometimes relative humidity required.
  1. If it is used outdoors and was stored in a very cold or very hot place, you have to wait a few minutes before use, so that the equipment has 'acclimatized' to the environment. Sudden environmental changes can cause distortions in the operation of the equipment.
  2. How we measure forehead temperature check matters. The infrared thermometer should not touch the skin. The measurement distance is not random. Taking measurements are not going to be with a meter but it is important to respect the instructions of the manufacturer’s. In the same way, the forehead temperature check is always perpendicular (90 °), not sideways or in profile. It must be taken into account, for example, if a person is very tall and has to take the temperature of someone who is sitting.
  1. It is also important in measurements made outdoors, to keep in mind that the thermometer and the forehead must not be receiving direct sunlight.
  1. When taking a forehead temperature check, the area of the forehead to be measured must be clean and dry, without tissues or anything that would prevent a direct measurement of the IR on the skin.
  1. The operator must not touch the front of the equipment where the IR cell is located.
  1. After use, the equipment should be clean and ready for use. Always follow the cleaning and storage instructions in the operating manual.

Like all equipment, it must be verified for accuracy and precision. This task is recommended to delegate to a specialist.


Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer Operation Guide