Corinth Elementary School students have their temperature checked by a Fotric 226B 223B thermal scanner

The debate over reopening schools for the 2020-2021 school year has parents, students, and school/university faculty on edge and uncertain of whether physically returning to school is a good idea.  The Fotric 226B infrared thermal imaging camera can help ease the tension and provide helpful, accurate data in a short amount of time.  


School and University in the Time of COVID-19

The coronavirus affects people differently with a variety of symptoms, and sometimes no visible symptoms (asymptomatic).  However, one of the most consistent symptoms is a fever, or elevated body temperature (EBT).  This is where the thermal scanner camera comes in, and it’s really cool.  

The Fotric 226B camera with high resolution detector (384x288 or 110,592 pixels) provides high efficient temperature screening for schools, universities, and colleagues with non-stop group or single temperature scans using infrared thermal imaging technology.  This thermal scanner camera provides an elevated skin temperature check that is completely contactless, fast, and works on individuals and groups.  

Similar to the face detection feature in smart cameras, the artificial intelligence (AI) face detection module automatically locks in on each individual face and provides a temperature reading which can be compared to the threshold temperature under the captured image. A visual and audio alarm will be triggered instantly once the measurement face skin temperature exceeds the threshold. An customizable voice alarm and/or message box can be played to provide the instruction on the next steps.



This Fotric 226B infrared thermal imaging camera is full of astounding features and high-grade technology not seen on a public scale outside of science fiction before COVID-19.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Elevated skin temperature check
  • Non-stop group or single temperature scan
  • AI Automatically face detection and temperature measurement
  • Intelligent temperature AI calibration algorithm
  • Automatically create test statistics
  • Automatic temperature alarm
  • Automatic snapshot for abnormal body temperature
  • Dual color alarm and sound alarm

In addition to the above features, the Fotric 226B infrared thermal imaging camera meets FDA guidelines for initial body temperature assessment during the COVID-19 public health emergency.


Elevated Body Temperature Check

This temperature screening camera can efficiently and accurately scan 40 people in one minute with a single line flow and is ideal for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, offices, public transportation systems, business centers, and more.  With a detection distance of three to ten feet, the scan is contactless and safer than regular forehead infrared thermometers.  


Non-Stop Group or Single Temperature Scan

Save time and prolonged exposure with the non-stop group temperature scan.  The built-in AI scans groups of people for elevated body temperatures, which is most efficient in one to three lines.


AI Face Detection and Lock for Temperature Measurement

Avoid false alarms with the artificial intelligence face detection.  The automatic face-locking feature captures each individual face for temperature measurement while simultaneously shielding from high-temperature sources, such as hot drinks.

Fotric 226B multiple person temperature scan


Intelligent Compensation Temperature Calibration Algorithm for Environment Change

Prevent false negative alarms with the built-in AI environment temperature compensation calibration algorithm.  Your body temperature changes throughout the day every day depending on where you are and what is around you.  This real-time, self-learning AI algorithm analyzes facial temperatures in different settings and adjusts the temperature compensation to body temperature by adapting to these ambient changes. 


Automatic Temperature Scan Statistics

For better epidemic prevention and control, the Fotric 226B automatically counts the number of people and the number of possible abnormal body temperatures to prevent and control infectious spreading and outbreaks.


Automatic Temperature Alarm

For rapid on-site identification, this thermal scanner camera emits an audible and visible alert.  The elevated temperature displays red, while any normal temperature displays green for rapid identification.  The display screen showcases the number of alarms under the non-thermal image located on the right.  The vocal alarm and popup message can be customized to offer more specific instruction. 


Automatic Snapshot For Abnormal Body Temperature

For more in-depth statistics and analysis, this infrared thermal imaging camera snaps a photo automatically when an abnormal body temperature is detected and the alarm sounds.  The face tracking ensures accuracy and smooth screening so you know which individual has an elevated body temperature. 

 Fotric 226B automatic snapshot


Dual Color Alarm and Sound Alarm

The abnormal temperature alarm sounds audibly as well as displays the abnormal temperature in red and regular temperatures in green, similar to universal traffic light coloring.  The dual alarm and auto snapshot eliminates the risk of losing the subject in a crowd so you can get further analysis and keep an accurate log.  


A Real Must-Have

Protecting loved ones, students, and the public should not involve guesswork.  This Fotric 226B thermal scanner camera is designed to keep you in the know and up to date by providing some much-needed certainty in these uncertain times.  

This advanced elevated body temperature check allows you to practice recommended social distancing with a state-of-the-art no-contact system.   The 15-minute setup and user-friendly installation and operation means you can get up and running quickly and easily before ever opening your doors to the public.  

Parents will feel safer and more confident in knowing there is temperature screening for schools.  Staff and patients in compromised facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes will feel more in control and less anxious knowing safety measures and precautions are in place.  Visit Fotric 226B today to learn more.

Fotric 226B is an dual-view AI thermal scanning and imaging system for automated, non-stop, streamlized, real-time, non-contact mass temperature screening or single line scan. Fotric 226B cameras can be deployed in office buildings, manufacture plants, school campuses, hospitals etc.


Fotric 226B helps in ECPI University Campus

Fotric 226B helps United Airlines

226B 223B thermal camera used by United Airlines for temperature scan


Fotric 226B/223B helps Corinth Elementary School

Corinth Elementary School students have their temperature checked by a Fotric 226B 223B thermal scanner