Fotric 220 benchtop test kit

Having the appropriate instruments for test and measurement can improve the working efficiency and save time between a reliable product, and expensive recalls. 

With FOTRIC's new product line of Fotric 220RD benchtop electrical measurement test kits, you and your group can record accurate radiometric temperature data, identify hidden defects of design, analyze the failure process with radiometric video, and ensure product quality. These Fotric thermal cameras offer high thermal imaging resolution, industrial grade temperature measurement accuracy, great reliability and up to 1TB single radiometric video recording capability to help your team speed up the product design and save the time of testing. 

"Electronic Testing Solutions: The Best Instruments for Your Electronics Benchtop Test Kit" is new instruction of electronics inspection for R&D, science, circuit design, PCB quality check, and education. Get this informative brochure today!

09 Application 5 Accurately evaluate the heat dissipation efficiency of PCBA