Temperature is one of the most basic physical parameters of interest in R&D activities. However, the high prices of thermal cameras have limited researchers access to this valuable technology, along with its large market in industrial inspection and plant maintenance, not many thermal cameras focus on the measurement accuracy and in-depth analysis tools that researchers and designers require. FOTRIC 220 series thermal cameras are upgrading tools for temperature acquisition and are specifically created to analyze and optimize thermal distribution in R&D applications, especially in the electronics industry for PCB test and heat dissipation study, for biomedicine study, material analysis, new energy efficiency maximization.

What’s Good for 50μm Macro Lens?

FOTRIC 220 series are excellent for minimum focus length at 0.15m with a standard 28-degree lens in Fotric 226 thermal camera, for more details of the test area, a Macro Lens will help. A 50μm Macro Lens is capable of testing with the distance of 43-55mm, for example, a chip with size 3mmx1.5mm shows more details under Macro Lens.

 Taken by Fotric standard lens
Taken by Fotric standard lens

Taken by Fotric M50 50 micron macro lens.jpg
Taken by Fotric M50 50 micron macro lens

FOTRIC’s original macro lens is temperature-calibrated in a one-on-one manner with the host thermal cameral; temperature accuracy is guaranteed.


Why 3-in-1?

FOTRIC 220 series 3-in-1 professional thermal imaging cameras can work on smartphones, tablets, and computers, this allows you to use it as a handheld portable device for easy sharing images or consistent online to capture the data tendency.


When under Smartphone Mode, you can use the smartphone for full touch screen operation, such as sub-regional emissivity setting and professional temperature measurement parameter correction. Under this mode allows you to share what you see to your people with WIFI, without transfer back to PCs.


When under Tablet Mode, powerful PC analyze software can give R&D users from the image, temperature and time of the three-dimensional perspective to analyze the test data. In the case of ‘Carbon Fiber Test’, the fracture moment has been captured with image, time curve and temperature rising curve provide the instant performance.


When under Online Mode, thermal data collection can be very large, up to 1TB single fully radiometric thermal video recording, this helps R&D users to record the complete data for the entire experimental process.



The Fotric thermal camera finds application in the research and development units of consumer electronics which includes but not limited to smartphones, LED, IoT hardware. Also finds usefulness in the R&D departments of industrial electronics establishments which includes power devices, frequency converters, and Energy.


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