FOTRIC 226B/223B Thermal Camera Quick Start Guide with Fotric WLIR or WLIR-DC Software

1. Set up Fotric 226B/223B thermal camera hardware

  • Decide the distance away from the camera for the intended temperature screening,
  • Adjust IR camera focus for the best quality infrared image by rotating the lens in front of the infrared camera with a volunteer standing at the distance you defined. This is important for the performance and accuracy. 

Video: Fotric 226b Hardware installation Instruction

2. Download Fotric WLIR-DC Software and install the software/USB driver. (from any link below)

Administrator right user is needed to install Fotric WLIR-DC software correctly. 

  • Install or repair the Visual C++ options (there are separate pop-up windows for Visual C++ installation)
  • USB driver should be installed automatically if you follow the software installation steps (there are separate pop-up windows for USB driver installation)
  • Internet access is needed for the first time to activate the software. Make sure the camera is connected and powered on. Right click the "WILIR-DC" icon and "Run it as administrator" for the first time to activate and set up the parameter, such as unit and threshold. 

New features in WLIR-DC software,

  • Email notification
  • Customizable voice alarm and pop-up message box
  • Regular user account can run the software.
  • Microsoft digitally signed USB driver.
  • Internet access is needed for the 1st time activation. Once activated, no internet is needed to run the WLIR-DC software.
  • Temperature data log. 
  • ModBus TCP/IP slave communication available for the integration of other automation equipment/system.


    3. Connect Fotric 226B/223B camera and configure the WLIR-DC software

      Common Error Codes

      References for the error codes,

      • Error code 90134. This code means the computer's time/date is off. Please adjust your computer’s date and time to current, or use “auto sync”. 
      • Error code 98309. This code means the thermal camera has been used for activation in another computer previously. If you need to migrate the activation to a new computer, please contact FOTRIC support email: Please include thermal camera’s Model, Serial Number, Company name, and contact person. 
      • Error code 90113. This code is related to the user right. Please run the WLIR software as administrator.
      • Error code 90118. This code means that your computer's MAC address or other hardware info was changed. You need to send request to for a migration. Or you may use the WLIR-IR software. 
      • Error code 94211. This code means the computer's internet connection is not on or lost, or blocked by the firewall. You may try to use your smartphone as hotspot for the activation. Once activated, no internet connection is needed. Or you may use the WLIR-IR software. 

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