FOTRIC 226B/223B Thermal Camera Quick Start Guide

1. Set up Fotric 226B/223B thermal camera hardware

  • Decide the distance away from the camera for the intended temperature screening,
  • Adjust IR camera focus for the best quality infrared image by rotating the lens in front of the infrared camera with a volunteer standing at the distance you defined.

Video: Fotric 226b Hardware installation Instruction

2. Download Fotric WLIR-DC Software and install the software/USB driver. (from any link below)

Administrator right user is needed to install Fotric WLIR-DC software correctly. 

  • Install or repair the Visual C++ options (there are separate pop-up windows for Visual C++ installation)
  • USB driver should be installed automatically. If not, please download the USB driver installation package to install the USB driver. 


    3. Connect Fotric 226B/223B camera and configure the WLIR-DC software

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